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where to buy wellbutrin order strattera Do U Think The Baby Is Drinkin' The Blood?? | GorillaSushi
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Do U Think The Baby Is Drinkin' The Blood??

One pro of closing the digital divide is making globalization work for the poor.
One con? It brings the dumb.

Oh yeah, it's a real question from Yahoo Answers. (Update: Sorry, it's been deleted.)
Maybe I shouldn't joke. Maybe this is the first sign of a plague of vampire infants and I'm going to be that guy in the movie who scoffs and then gets killed first. Killed dramatically too.


pilotg2's picture
Maybe she never had her period to begin with. I have to seriously question his judgement of grammar given his own poor use of it. Perhaps she had a run-on ending in a comma with a very short tail so it looked like a period. And besides, the baby has not even spoken his/her first word yet, so how could it have taken her period? And what does punctuation have to do with blood anyways? It's not like using correct punctuationa requires a ritualistic sacrifice, although perhaps it should.
Anonymous's picture
Are you serious?
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    I'm live next to hillbilly people and most of them are smart enough not to ask that, (the others don't know what yahoo is) I think is some inner-city failure who skipped Health one day to sell crack. Besides cousin marriages aren't all that rare in other countries. A quick google search found this. We're not backward we're just more European. http://www.cousincouples.com/?page=facts The real idiots are either random or come from parent-child relationships.

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    I have no words for the hilarity of that find.
    Anonymous's picture
    OMG ITS CALLED TAKE A FREAKING JOKE PEOPLE. these people need to start taking jokes and stop freaking out on little things about this people cant say anything in this world without being harassed. so everyone just calm down and learn to take a joke for once and stop being baby's.
    lusciousnis's picture
    WTF, Anonymous?, (if that's your real name..) Didn't I say it was hilarious? Fuckin' idiot. Maybe you were the one that sent that question in. Hmm.. In fact the style of writing, and lack of grammar are very similar indeed.
    omg who gives a shit about grammar online you stupid bitch its not like anyone is grading this jesus christ take a chill pill you fucking bitch!!!its called to get a life and stop bitching at others!!!
    lusciousnis's picture
    As a matter of fact, Jack, I AM grading this. This is your English teacher, and there's a high probability your 13 year old ass is going to have to repeat 3rd grade again! Do I have to send a note home? I expect that post to be revised and handed in first thing on Monday. Now go put on your Scooby Doo underoos and get to bed.
    JACK's picture
    wow you don't sound gay at all you defiantly need a life or a boyfriend unless your lesbian. you need to go away stop spending all your time on websites like this and go get some friends. o and stop pretending to be a 3rd grade teacher it shows a sign of someone who needs help.
    lusciousnis's picture
    Defiantly! hahaha I love this! People, you can't make this shit up. I sincerely hope Jack is in 3rd grade, or else he has a very sad life working at McDonald's. But I guess when you only have to press pictures of hamburgers on the cash register, you don't have to know how to spell or type coherently. Oh Jack, you've made my night! Thanks for the laughs!
    jack's picture
    Hey u fucking whore i can talk how ever i fucking feel like ok so u dont need to fucking correct me im fucking 14 i dont have to worry about shit for another four years u fucking prick so u can go shove ur fucking dildo up ur ass and cry all night long u fuck dumb ass so dont summarize things unless u know what ur talking about u sound like a fucking 40 year old virgin who needs to get laid and get a boyfriend so u fucking whore leave me the fuck alone. u get fucking pleasure from this ur getting fucking horny?? wow that is sad i made ur night by making fun of u and ur getting fucking horny now thats really sad if u ask me.
    lusciousnis's picture
    Okay, you bore me now. Go home little boy; better run before I wash that little shitmouth out for you. At least you were able to spell 'whore' correctly. Maybe there's hope for you yet.
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    if she's a 40 year old virgin, how would she be a whore? I think that is kind of a paradox. (A paradox is something that contradicts itself) And at what point of any of her comments did she talk about getting horny or getting off or anything like that? But who cares you're only 14 so you dont have anything to worry about for another four years.
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    Alex's picture
    Hey Jack, Why do you feel the need to swear so much? Is it cos you are a little child who doesn't have anything to care about for another 4 years? So you try to make yourself tough by swearing to no avail on the internet? Besides, you really showed your immaturity by citing The 40 Year Old Virgin in your pathetic attempt at an argument? It's kids like you who make us articulate 16 year olds look like douche bags. I understand you are trying to find your place in the world right now, and that like is just so hard when your little brain knows no words beyond that of what T.V and the internet have taught you. I know it's just so hard to be a teen these days. But jeez you could at least calm down a little bit you little prick. Besides, grammar is very important in this world. It's very hard to understand anything anyone says when the screen is full of things like fucking mother fucker go fucking have sex with your fucking dildo up your fucking ass fucking fucking fucking. Besides it makes you look retarded. And that's not a good thing. Grow up.
    Jason's picture
    My dearest Jack,
    Hi, welcome to the adult/real world!
    So you've decided to come to my blog, insult my readers/friends and fill my comments section with your yammering, peppered with uncreative vulgarity?
    Well, I've banned your IP for now. I'm sure if you're a smart little whipper snapper then you'll be back.
    Until then, anyone wishing to contact Jack can do so at NDfightingirsh2@aol.com . Yeah, it's like that.
    Behnnie's picture
    I hope that little boy's inbox is flooded by hate spam from irate grammarians for the next three weeks. Oh! I mean-- not that I think that's what anyone in this thread is! o_O I'm actually quite enjoying reading the comments from the regulars. You can be my third grade teacher any time! ;) And Jason: You're awesome. I have now decided to return to your blog regularly. Actually: this kid's posts kind of remind me of the 8 or 9 year old in that "screaming MySpace boy" video on YouTube. I think the video's been taken down, but it was of this absolutely awful child screaming and cursing at his brother (who is filming the whole thing) about how badly he needs MySpace and of how he'll kill him if he does anything to his profile. Really the older brother and his friends are dicks, too; this boy doesn't need to be antagonized, he needs to be psychoanalyzed and sedated. Regardless: the sight (and sound) of young people cursing a blue streak over ANYTHING net related is hilarious, awesome, and sad. Damn I wish that video was still available...
    mrsleep's picture
    Ha, I hope Jack really is 14 and thinks he doesn't have to worry about anything for another 4 years. Cause when he hits 18, and the stench of real life slaps him in the face, he's going to realize he should have started worrying about shit 4 years ago. That will be sweet, sweet justice.
    Anonymous's picture
    My lesbian?
    Smart's picture
    Baby's what?
    hananhh's picture

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    Hey! I have that problem. I figured Bean was low on iron, so I let it slide. Things will be different after he's born though. He will have to switch to supplements or something.
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    I knot know why people are laughing and making fun of my qestion. I axepected morey suppert from Yoohoo Answers. Youse aint cool.
    Anonymous's picture
    A complete fabrication. A poor speller would not use "knot" for "not". "Youse"? You can do better than that. Stupid waste of time.
    meleah rebeccah's picture
    and I thought I was stupid.
    Jinksy's picture
    This is the direct result of giving in-bred-hillbilly-rednecks Internet access. If you don't know its wrong to copulate with your cousin, you may not understand the complexities of the female anatomy.
    Anonymous's picture
    Can I copulate with your cousin?
    Ackondro's picture
    hey, I'm live next to hillbilly people and most of them are smart enough not to ask that, (the others don't know what yahoo is) I think is some inner-city failure who skipped Health one day to sell crack. Besides cousin marriages aren't all that rare in other countries. A quick google search found this. We're not backward we're just more European. http://www.cousincouples.com/?page=facts The real idiots are either random or come from parent-child relationships.
    LeeLee's picture
    The word is inbred, without a hyphen. Perhaps, before you go to such great lengths to insult those of us of Southern heritage, you should consult a dictionary first. Also, rednecks and hillbillies are decidedly not the same type of human creature. Lastly, my kin and I do not refer to our reproductive behavior as inbreeding. In fact, we do not name the behavior at all, but simply look on it as our God-given duty to keep America pure from the taint of foreign genetic material.
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