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where to buy wellbutrin order strattera Laundry Day Caption Contest | GorillaSushi
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Laundry Day Caption Contest

Last night I had a burning fever, I was constantly shivering, queasy and had the beginnings of a headache.
This morning I awoke without a trace of malady.
BEHOLD, I give you the healing powers of the Thursday Caption Contest!
Sexy laundry day girl
Caption contests every Thursday!
She's all yours, kids...


lusciousnis's picture
It's the first cover for the new men's magazine- Appliances Weekly. (secretly written by women to get their husbands to maybe help out a little..)
danie53595's picture
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More Sugar Darling? lisa olson

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More Sugar Darling? lisa olson

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No matter what it is...the internet has a porn for it.
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Rule 34
Anonymous's picture
You wish you really knew what that is. You've prolly never even been to /b/ or /a/
Anonymous's picture
Just like rick rolling the rules of the internet are no longer exclusive to /b/
Anonymous's picture
apparently, you havent either. rules 1&2
Anonymous's picture
Rules 1 & 2 were made by the man to keep you down.
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Your RSS feed doesn't work in my browser (google chrome) how can I fix it?


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He he no words to say...

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Anonymous's picture
Amelia's picture
Really sweetheart, you can. You CAN mix whites and coloreds! I promise. Oh c'mon. Why so skeptical? Throw them in there! Really.
Andrew's picture
Um... caption? Like anyone would make it down to the caption anyways... Well, yeah, maybe the women would...
Jason's picture
Maytag After Dark
Caveman's picture
Ladies, if you are not doing laundry like this, then you are just wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, WRONG!!! -Caveman
Ted's picture
All ours? Can we keep her? Should teach us something about responsibility right?!
GeologyJoe's picture
"If I add starch, I can make it EXTRA STIFF"
meleah rebeccah's picture
"Hey Baby. Let me "DO" your whites." PS...Is it just me, or is that a Natalie Portman Look-A-Like?
lusciousnis's picture
Now that you mention it, I do see the resemblance. She can DO my laundry anyday! lol
evilwoobie's picture
Casting Audition Photo for Desperate Housewives
lusciousnis's picture
"Cum here and give me your load!"
Jason's picture
lusciousnis's picture
I had to get it in before someone else did. You're just mad I beat you to it. Why is it that EVERYTHING sounds dirty now?? hehehe she said 'get it in' huhuhu and 'beat'
Anonymous's picture
Straight to the spin cycle please!
lusciousnis's picture
When your bra & panties don't even match, it must be laundry day!
Jason's picture
Things began innocently enough for Tina and the washing machine. An accidental lean against it during the spin cycle had stirred up feelings that her ex-boyfriend never did. Things escalated until she was compulsively doing laundry every day. When she hired the erotic photographer to come over for an afternoon shoot before her and the washing machine headed to the courthouse for their marriage certificate, Tina began to wonder if she had taken this a little too far.
DAVE ID's picture
I'm RACKing my brains with possible captions but I can't...
Barry's picture
Ok, now that we have Michael Jackson stuffed in there neatly. Lets see if we can make him just a tiny bit whiter........hehehehehehe
pilotg2's picture
Every how-to book should start with, "First take off all your clothes". (Book under her leg: Big Book of Home How-To)
Mags's picture
Once I get the detergent in, how about you climb up and help me check the spin cycle...
croyus's picture
The Laundry Hottie. Now available on all dryer models.
Anonymous's picture
Oh look a full bottle of KABOOM!
SteveDoom's picture
I'd do everything in my power to fuck her at least once if she was using my washing machine. End of caption.
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"Oh, hi Mom and Dad, you're home early. This isn't what it looks like, I swear!"
shellharris's picture

Good  Joke, I love this..

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Anonymous's picture
right where shes supposed to be when shes not in the kitchen.
sparkplug49's picture
feeling dirty? or want to hear a dirty joke: bobby played in the mud want to hear a clean joke: bobby washed his clothes with bubbles want to hear another dirty joke: bubbles was the crazy hot/horny girl next door who had a strange fettish for washing machines and for making bobby's whity titys white again
drumrjoe's picture
Is she wearing underoos?
Anonymous's picture
Just add two D cups to your normal wash and they'll be cleaner than clean
Keegan M's picture
Damn, i wish i didn't just leave my load with the wife. OR That was definitely not a waste of my load.
Mitch's picture
Pop Quiz... Which one's taken more loads?
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